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#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt

Yesterday (and the day before!) here on Hometown Foodie, it was all about Dalgona coffee.

But unless you mistakenly assume that’s the only thing we drink here in the South, I felt it necessary to assure you that it’s not. Here in Georgia we are overly fond of what is affectionately known as the “house wine of the South” which is of course…

sweet tea!

I probably should have written it this way…sweetea…becuase that’s the way we say it, all in one go.

Here’s how to make a no-fail quart of the stuff, which we drink summer and winter with lots of ice. I don’t drink it everyday anymore because of the sugar content, but it sure is good once in a while.

Place 3 tea black tea bags in a quart jar. I pull off the paper tabs and staple and tie the strings together so they are easy to fish out of the jar. I also love Lipton’s Organic Black tea, which comes from the Kenyan Highlands in Africa, as it makes a smooth and lovely brew.

In addition to the tea bags, add a half cup of cane sugar to your jar.

Now pour boiling water over the tea bags and sugar so the jar is about 1/4 of the way full. Then gently stir (so as not to break open the tea bags) to dissolve the sugar. Let stand for five minutes, then remove the tea bags.

Fill the jar the remainder of the way to the top with cold water, then stir.

Serve over ice with plenty of fresh squeezed lemon and enjoy y’all…!

P.S. The word “fix” in the title is Southern for “to make.”

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