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#foodie-all – by Ellen Britt

Yesterday here on Hometown Foodie, I wrote about making plant based Dalgona coffee.

What I forgot to tell you is, that this time, instead of making this with cane sugar, I used cane syrup.

At first, I was sort of worried that when I whipped the hot water, instant coffee and the syrup, that the mixture would not foam as it should.

But I need not have worried, as it seemed to foam as well as ever and in fact, I think it was even a bit easier to get it thick and creamy!

Some people like to pour the sweetened coffee foam on top of the iced plant milk and then sip it through a straw without stirring. But even though stirring it sort of destroys the beautiful layered appearance of the drink, stirring it makes the coffee evenly sweet and in my opinion even more enjoyable.

So next time you make it, try an alternative sweetener, such as cane syrup or maybe even agave syrup. Enjoy and let’s eat y’all…!

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