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It's almost been four years since since our first "digital" president handed over the presidential Twitter keys to Donald Trump.
Barack Obama's transition from the Oval Office in 2017 was the first time many official Twitter accounts (and other social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Medium, and beyond) were archived.
On Twitter, other more generic accounts like "@POTUS" were passed onto Trump.
Of course, Trump has continued to use his personal Twitter as his main communication tool.
Twitter doesn't have it labeled as a U.S. government account, but it is verified.
Even so, now it's Trump's turn to pass along any official accounts handles while Twitter archives the the tweets from the past administration under separate "archived" handles, a la Obama's @POTUS44.
Presidential accounts are set to switch over to president-elect Joe Biden on Inauguration Day (even if Trump still hasn't conceded by then).
Other accounts like @StateDept will be passed along, but Trump administration tweets will still be on the timeline (and searchable and commentable).
Those new handles haven't been announced yet, but will likely follow past naming conventions — so Trump's @POTUS account will likely become @POTUS45.
Obama had 31 White House officials with archived Twitter accounts.
But the Trump administration has only maintained four (the first ones listed here) of these accounts.
@ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy)​@OMBPress (Office of Management and Budget)@USCTO (U.S. Chief Technology Officer)@CEAChair (Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers)@WhiteHouseOSTP@ONDCPespanol@WhiteHouseCEQ@OpenGov​@WHWebWith a new social media team taking office, Twitter going to look different in 2021.

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