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(CNN) Rachel Vindman -- the wife of former Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman , a key witness in President Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry -- slammed the President on Friday for going after her husband and family.
"He just continually put Alex's name out there -- he seemed to be a little bit obsessed with it, and he would, you know, continually remark on Vindman," Rachel Vindman told CNN in an exclusive interview Friday .
"He was scared," Rachel Vindman said of Trump.
Rachel Vindman helped her husband write his opening remarks that introduced him, for the first time, to millions of Americans.
"We literally went word for word and considered every word that he would say," Rachel Vindman explained.
So it was just a suckerpunch to see someone accuse him of being a traitor," Rachel Vindman said.
Rachel Vindman remembers watching her husband testify before Congress, filled with pride, even as she worried about the cost his honesty would exact on his career and their family.
It's -- it is really intimidating," Rachel Vindman recounted Friday.
I don't think that that's something we're going to be able to put into context for a very long time," Rachel Vindman said.
In Rachel Vindman's mind, there is no doubt the President said those things.
The Vindmans have received criticism for wading into politics, but Rachel Vindman seems unphased by it.
Despite the hardships she and her family have endured the last two years, Rachel Vindman says she is optimistic about the future -- both for her family and the country.

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