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(CNN) Following weeks of outcry online over years of recurring police brutality, Nigerians took to the streets to demand police reform and an end to the Special Anti Robbery Squad known as SARS.
Solidarity protests have also happened in London, Washington, Toronto and other countries around the world.
Some are calling for the Inspector General of Police to resign and those protesting say their demands have not been met.
As protests continue, here's how people in the country are coordinating to make the movement work efficiently and how you can help.
So far, emergency medical teams, pro bono lawyers, and mental health support have been provided on ground to help protesters as needed.
More medical assistance are also available on ground through emergency ambulances, physiotherapists and mental therapy.
Private individuals have also donated water and food parcels to the protest sites.
Many hashtag variations of the same message to end police brutality, have trended daily for the past one week, thanks to the people pushing the message nonstop online.
A website was put in place to document accounts of the Nigerian youth's brutal experiences at the hands of the police.
#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality — Osh said #EndSARS (@oshomah) October 9, 2020And to keep these online protests alive, free internet data is being provided to keep online protesters connected.
Donate fundsCrowdfunding options have been set up to provide food, health and legal services, security and other assistance to protesters.
Private security has also been arranged for protesters around the country following spate of attacks by the police and armed youth brandishing machetes and sticks.

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