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Sydney-based local cleaning company Clean Group ( ) is leading the fight against the COVID-19 virus and helping local businesses & offices stay safe with its top notch office cleaning, disinfection & sanitizing services. Clean Group Office Cleaners have trained not just inefficient cleaning but also in safe and complete disinfection practices. They had been providing disinfection services even before the virus hit the world. And now, they have upgraded their team and techniques to meet the latest industry standards. To know in detail about Clean Group’s cleaning experience and disinfection techniques, one can visit their website

“We have been providing commercial cleaning services to local companies, stores, warehouses, offices and gyms for the last 20 years. Ever since the world was hit by the COVID virus, businesses have become more cautious of keeping their premises clean and are asking for disinfection along with the cleaning office service. We have already upgraded our office cleaners’ team and now also provide disinfection & sanitizing as standard with our office cleaning services. We use the best-in-class Electrostatic Sprayer application technology that has been approved for complete virus removal. You can visit our website to know more or request a quote,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

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Now that businesses, including offices, in Sydney are getting back to their feet and starting their operations, they intend to follow the NSW government recommendation to perform regular cleaning and disinfection of their premises. This is giving a boost to the demand for experienced & reliable office cleaners who can also perform complete disinfection of the property. Clean Group is among the top companies providing this service in Australia. Almost all of Clean Group’s existing office clients are already using their disinfection services, and the demand is high among new clients. To make it possible and affordable for everyone to get the best quality disinfection cleaning in their budget, Clean Group is also offering the first COVID disinfection service for free to its new routine office cleaning clients.

Clean Group provides office cleaning services in all major suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. That means it collectively serves more than a hundred suburbs across the country. It also means that the company has the resources and skills to meet the cleaning needs of businesses in these regions. At the same time, they have the experience in catering to the routine cleaning & disinfection needs of a variety of local businesses, including offices, retail stores, malls, schools, gyms, hospitals, restaurants, and more. The company has a team of 50+ expert and trained office cleaners.

Offices in Sydney and surrounding suburbs that are operating amid the pandemic are strictly following the recommended norms, including social distancing rules, working with limited staff and instruction employees to wash hands regularly & use masks to limit the infection spread. However, these practices are only effective if proper cleaning is maintained in the workplace. In fact, routine cleaning & disinfection can greatly help local businesses in Australia fight the pandemic.

Clean Group is actively supporting the local economy by providing businesses with quality cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services in line with the NSW government protocols. The company provides complete disinfection services using the Electrostatic Sprayer technology that is able to disinfect every nook and corner of an office and is certified effective to kill up to 99.99% of germs. Clean Group recommends regular disinfection, along with daily cleaning of offices to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Clean Group helps local businesses maintain safe spaces for their staff and customers/clients. The company is thus helping revive the economy by allowing businesses to operate in a safe environment amidst the global crisis. Clean Group owner Suji Siv reiterates that the company is constantly going through upgrades to continue meeting the evolving customer needs. “Even in these troubled times, we are backing our clients with top-quality cleaning services, helping them reopen or stay operational. For offices with a large workforce, more than a hundred or so, it’s crucial to maintain proper cleaning and sanitation in their premises not just for the safety of everyone but also for the peace of mind. We help local businesses with that.”

Clean Group’s disinfection cleaning service is already being used by hundreds of offices in Australia. To hire the best office cleaners in Sydney from Clean Group ( ), one can visit their website or call their sales team on 1300 141 946.


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