Atlanta, GA #atlanta-ga – AtlantaNewsAndTalk.Com along with airing Hometown Classic Cars Radio in early October, 2020, is adding Hometown Classic Car of the Day photos and descriptions.

AtlantaNewsAndTalk.Com - Adds Hometown Classic Car of the Day

America has had a long love affair with vintage Classic and Muscle cars.

Once per day Atlanta News And Talk will focus on one car collector and their classic car. Owners will be able to upload their photos and descriptions. Fans can nominate the Hometown Classic Car of the Day.

Additionally, Hometown Classic Cars Radio will not only talk about all of those classic and muscle cars from yesteryear. The hosts Troy Warren and Gary Sturm will be connecting car collectors not only in the Atlanta Metro area, and all across America and perhaps even the globe too.

By December of 2020, Hometown Classic Cars Radio will organize physical meetups for car collectors to hang out.

Warren commented, “Being a Classic Car collector myself I know how exciting it would be for me to have one of my cars featured, plus my story about my car.”

AtlantaNewsAndTalk.Com - Launching Hometown Classic Car of the Day

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