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Ok I promised y’all an update on my BBQ plant based brisket adventures. I made it again today, but tweaked my recipe a bit in a couple of ways:

First of all, I cut back on the amount of chickpea flour and increased a bit the amount of vital wheat gluten to see if I could get a bit firmer texture and…

Secondly, I cut back just a bit on the amount of liquid I used in the dry mix to firm it up as well.

I proceeded as usual with my flavorings and seasonings, first braising the brisket in the oven and then finishing it off on the grill with barbecue sauce to get a nice char.

The results were spectacular!

The taste is great and I served it sliced with a little extra warmed BBQ sauce and freshly made red cabbage coleslaw.

This is definitely a keeper! The lesson here is this: Don’t be afraid to experiment with recipes and make changes as you see fit. Keep going until you get the results you want. Let’s eat y’all…!

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