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Yesterday, I wrote about making quick salted Japanese style pickles by simply thinly slicing up some cabbage (I like to use red) and then sprinking it with salt. Let it sit in a colander in the sink for about twenty minutes after you’ve massaged the salt into the cabbage, then rinse well and squeeze out as much liquid as you can.

What’s left is a crunchy, cooling accompaniment or topping on pizza and even on tacos.

Today I made plant based tacos using leftover no-beef tofu crumbles, cooked mushrooms, avocado, red kidney beans and the quick pickled cabbage. Tasty, nutritious and delicious.

It really does not take all that much effort to cook really good plant based meals, once you learn how to make a few things. The benefits to you health can be enormous. Why not think about at least adding one or two completely plant based meals to your routine every week?

This is an easy way to get started. Let’s eat y’all…!

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