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In a move that could have wide ramifications across the tech landscape, Intel announced that VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger would be replacing interim CEO Bob Swann at Intel on February 15th.
The question is why would he leave his job to run a struggling chip giant.
The bottom line is he has a long history with Intel, working with some of the biggest names in chip industry lore before he joined VMware in 2009.
It has to be a thrill for him to go back to his roots and try to jump start the company.
“I was 18 years old when I joined Intel, fresh out of the Lincoln Technical Institute.
Certainly Intel recognized that the history and that Gelsinger’s deep executive experience should help as the company attempts to compete in an increasingly aggressive chip industry landscape.
“Pat is a proven technology leader with a distinguished track record of innovation, talent development, and a deep knowledge of Intel.
He will continue a values-based cultural leadership approach with a hyper focus on operational execution,” Omar Ishrak, independent chairman of the Intel board said in a statement.
It’s also just generally fallen behind in chip fabrication, an area it once dominated and is now behind Taiwan-based TSMC, Crichton wrote.
While Gelsinger faces similar issues, Moorhead thinks he can refocus the company.
As for VMware, it has to find a new CEO now.
The stock market seems to like the move for Intel with the company stock up 7.26%, but not so much for VMware, whose stock was down close to the same amount at 7.72% as went to publication.

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