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By Kiersten Willis, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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There’s no reason to spend lots of money to transform your backyard into an at-home getaway spot.

Better Homes and Gardens has two-dozen inexpensive ideas for how to make your backyard the perfect summer oasis. Even better, you can enjoy these ideas beyond the season. Check out the five DIY and easy-on-the-wallet options below.

DIY a campground fire pit

If you can’t make it to the campground this summer or would like to have that feeling year-round, you can build your own fire pit in the backyard.

Before you do, though, check the laws and regulations about open burning, including obtaining a permit.

Once you get the all-clear, read these tips from Lowe’s on how to DIY a fire pit.

Make your own outdoor seating

Another DIY option is to make your own seating. Store-bought outdoor furniture can look great, but it can be expensive. When making your own, you can create exactly the kind of item you want. The Garden Glove has several examples you can choose from, including a rustic log lounger, a unique coffee table and seating for under $100.

Light up the backyard

Who says stringing lights on a tree has to be limited to Christmastime? You can wrap string lights around a tree, which CountryLiving says will give a romantic feel.

“Not only will this create an enchanting place to sit in the evenings, but it will be charming to look at from inside your home,” the website said.

Or ditch the shrub altogether and place lights along a table or the patio.

Go vertical with your garden

Vertical gardens are ideal for backyards that don’t have a lot of space. Popular Mechanics has a list of many options at different price ranges. You can also go the DIY route with these ideas on From Use to Home.

Incorporate hardscaping elements

Visit local flea markets or yard sales to track down vintage hardscaping materials. They can include trellises or arbors, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

“These outdoor items can add height, define traffic flow, or indicate movement from front to back,” it noted.

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